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Plugin: Installers

Install anything anywhere on any OS/Arch either on a local or remote machine.

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The installers plugin is designed to install any type of software, package, or application quickly and easily in a one-liner command.

Remove the hassle of going through multiple READMEs and/or documentation sites just to get the software installed.

Important !
Installation can run either locally on the host machine or on a remote machine.

When opting for remote machine, upon installation, an interactive flow will start using TUI (Terminal UI).

To install on a remote machine without starting an interactive flow, Remote-Only flags should be used to supply the remote machine info (ENV VARs are also supported).


pip install provisioner-installers-plugin

or, interactive plugin installation via:

provisioner plugins install


Print a list of available installables

provisioner install 

Currently, supported installables are:

  • CLI applications
  • K3s server/agent


Install any supported CLI tool

provisioner install cli <app-name>


K3s is fully compliant lightweight Kubernetes distribution (
Provisioner allows installing either the k3s server or agent.

provisioner install k3s <server/agent>

Remote Installation

When opting-in for a remote installation without an interactive flow, one should supply the required flags so the CLI command could run as a one-liner.

Remote Flag Env Var Description
--hostname PROV_HOSTNAME Remote node host name
--ip-address PROV_IP_ADDRESS Remote node IP address
--node-username PROV_NODE_USERNAME Remote node username
--node-password PROV_NODE_PASSWORD (Optional) Remote node password
--ssh-private-key-file-path PROV_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE_PATH (Recommended) Private SSH key local file path


provisioner install \
  --environment Remote \
  --hostname rpi-01 \
  --ip-address \
  --node-username pi \
  --ssh-private-key-file-path /path/to/pkey \
  cli helm


provisioner install --environment Remote cli helm