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Plugin: Single Board

Single boards management as simple as it gets.

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Manage small single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi using interactive commands.

Make the provisioning on such machines safe, secure and remotely possible, starting from the initial OS/Network set-up and configuration towards on-going maintenance.


pip install provisioner-single-board-plugin

or, interactive plugin installation via:

provisioner plugins install


Print a list of available installables

provisioner single-board

Currently, supported single-boards are:

  • Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The RPi basic set of commands are aimed to solve the pain of setting up and configuring a fresh RPi computer remotely:

  • Burn a Raspbian OS image on SD-Card

    provisioner single-board raspberry-pi os burn-image
  • Configure Raspbian OS software and hardware settings for an optimal headless computer to be used as a Kubernetes cluster master/node

    provisioner single-board raspberry-pi node configure
  • Auto scan local network to identify the RPi computer once connected to the home network, allows to define a static IP address and re-connect it to the network with the new address

    provisioner single-board raspberry-pi node network