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Getting started

Simplify the complex dotfiles repository wiring by separating the files from the management layer, use a dedicatd CLI utility to control all aspects of the dotfiles repository with ease.

On this page


  • A Unix-like operating system: macOS, Linux
  • git (recommended v2.30.0 or higher)


The fastest way (for macOS and Linux) to install dotfiles-cli is using Homebrew:

brew install ZachiNachshon/tap/dotfiles-cli

First Timers

Recommended commands order for initial setup:

  1. Clone and link a remote dotfiles repository:

    dotfiles link
  2. Install Homebrew components (might take time):

    dotfiles brew all
  3. Update OS settings and preferences:

    dotfiles os <mac/linux>
  4. Install shell plugins:

    dotfiles plugins <bash/zsh>
  5. Create home/shell symlinks to $HOME folder:

    dotfiles sync all