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Available dotfiles-cli commands and flags

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Available Commands

Some commands prompts for user approval before execution, to auto-approve use the -y flag.

Task Description
sync <option> Sync dotfiles symlinks by catagory [options: home/shell/all]
unsync <option> Unsync dotfiles symlinks by catagory [options: home/shell/all]
brew <option> Update local brew components [options: packages/casks/drivers/services/all]
os <option> Update OS settings and preferences [options: mac/linux]
plugins <option> Install plugins for specific shell [options: bash/zsh]
reload Reload active shell session by order: transient-session-custom
config Print config/paths/symlinks/clone-path
structure Print the dotfiles repository expected structure
repo Change directory to the dotfiles local git repository
link <url> <branch> Clone and link a remote dotfiles repository (default branch: master)
version Print dotfiles client commit-hash


Available flags to control commands execution.

Task Description
--dry-run Run all commands in dry-run mode without file system changes
-y Do not prompt for approval and accept everything
-h (--help) Show available actions and their description
-v (--verbose) Output debug logs for commands executions
-s (--silent) Do not output logs for commands executions

Example of a user prompt message upon sync-all: