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Learn about dotfiles-cli, why it was created and the pain it comes to solve.

On this page

Why creating dotfiles-cli?

Those are some of the key points that lead me to create this project:

  1. Simplify the complex dotfiles repository wiring by separating the files from the management layer
  2. Use a dedicatd CLI utility to control all aspects of the dotfiles repository with ease
  3. Having a coherent dotfiles structure that is easy to get familiar with
  4. Allow a generic CLI to control multiple dotfiles repositories (private and public)
  5. Avoid from running arbitrary scripts

In a nutshell

dotfiles-cli is a lightweight CLI utility used for automating your local development environment management i.e. installations / updates with just a few terminal commands.

It helps you to manage your local environment settings and preferences under a remote git backed repository so you’ll keep them in a centralized location, detached from any machine and enjoy all the benefits a version control has to offer.