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Set a remote git repository as the dynamic context for anchor.

Use Context

anchor configuration is based on config contexts, each is pointing to a remote/local git repository. When running an anchor command, it must have an active context in order to reflect its dynamic CLI menu based on the git repository structure.

When no context is defined as active i.e. currentContext, the user will be prompoted by an interactive menu to select which of the available config contexts he would like to use for a specific command run.
  • If no context is defined - the user is prompted to select a context
  • If a context is already defined - a remote repository scan takes place for possible changes if autoUpdate was enabled and the command is executed afterwards

Set Context Entry

Register a new remote git repository or update an existing one as an anchor config context. Use the flags to control each remote repository with default values and/or custom ones. Every remote marketplace repository is identified under a distinct config context name.


Task Description Type Default value
--repository.remote.url URL of the remote Git repository string Required
--repository.remote.branch Specify a branch to fetch HEAD references string master
--repository.remote.revision Specific commit to check out string -
--repository.remote.clonePath Local path to clone the repository into.
(default path: $HOME/.config/anchor/repositories/<context-name>)
string -
--repository.remote.autoUpdate Allow checking remote marketplace for available changes and auto update if there are any.
Performs a remote check on every anchor CLI action
bool False
--repository.local.path Local path of an anchor structured project / repository / any folder string -
--set-current-context Set the newly registered config context as the active one string -


An example of how to register a remote git repository with custom attributes under ops-team as its config context identifier:

anchor config set-context-entry ops-team \ \
    --repository.remote.branch=my-branch \
    --repository.remote.revision=123456789abcdefg \
    --repository.remote.clonePath=/custom/path/to/config \

View Configuration

View the local configuration by printing it to the terminal as plain text:

anchor config view

Edit Configuration

Edit the local configuration by entering into a text edit mode:

anchor config edit