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Take anchor for a spin by using it on a remote playground git repository.

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Follow these steps to connect to a remote git playground repository and check the dynamic CLI live experience. All actions are no-op, you can safely run them as they only print to stdout.

  1. Register to a remote git playground respository and set it as the default config context:

    anchor config set-context-entry playground \
       --repository.remote.url= \
       --repository.remote.autoUpdate=false \
  2. Type anchor to fetch the repository and print all available commands

  3. Check which items are available under the team-infra command:

    anchor team-infra status
  4. Select the team-infra command to start an interactive action selection, try running an action/workflow:

    anchor team-infra select
  5. Use the run command to run an action non-interactively:

    anchor team-infra run backoffice --action=install-jenkins-master
  6. Run an action-set (workflow) non-interactively:

    anchor team-infra run backoffice --workflow=provision-jenkins-server-agents
  7. Use other playground commands and run different actions to check different use cases

This is a quick overview just to get a grasp of how simple it is to use anchor.
To add anchor support to an existing or new git repository, please see the structure section.