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Action Sets (Workflow)

Create executable action-sets (a.k.a workflows) for a menu command.

Workflows are defined under the workflows YAML attribute of the instructions.yaml file.

    - id: "workflow-id"
      displayName: "Selection name"
      title: "Shorter information"
      description: "Longer information"
      tolerateFailures: true
        - action-id-1
        - action-id-2
Task Description Type Default value
instructions.workflows[].id Identifier, by default this is the text used as the interactive selector string Required
instructions.workflows[].displayName Alternative name to use for displaying the workflow on the interactive selector (Optional) string -
instructions.workflows[].title Short title about what this workflow is all about, appended to the interactive selector string -
instructions.workflows[].description Longer info about the workflow responsibilities, shown on the information section - off the interactive selector string -
instructions.workflows[].tolerateFailures Continue to the next action upon failure or fail the entire workflow bool False
instructions.workflows[].context Context scope of the workflow
Available values:
  • application - prints basic prompt message
  • kubernetes - prints k8s current context and check if kubectl exists
string application
instructions.workflows[].actionIds List of ordered action ids to get executed upon workflow run string[] -
globals.context Same as action context, but applied to all actions in the file string -


    - id: install-jenkins-master

    - id: install-jenkins-agents

    - id: provision-jenkins-server-agents
      displayName: "Jenkins: Provision Server/Agents"
      title: "No-Op action, used as an example"
      description: "Provision a Jenkins server and x3 agents"
      tolerateFailures: true
        - install-jenkins-master
        - install-jenkins-agents
In the following example, backoffice is the name of the folder containing the instructions.yaml file.