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Menu Command

Create a dynamic CLI menu command.

The command.yaml file

This file represents a dynamically created CLI command, a folder containing the command.yaml file is treated as a CLI menu command of its own.

The content of the file dictates how the command will appear on the CLI menu and how to interact with it.

name: <command-name>
description: <command-long-description>
  use: <cli-usage>
  short: <cli-short-description>
Task Description
name Command name
description Command description
command.use CLI menu command usage keyword
command.short CLI menu short description


name: "Infrastructure team"
description: "Provisioning actions for: backoffice, developement and production"
  use: "team-infra"
  short: "Infrastructure team provisioning actions"

Sub-commands preset

Every menu command derived from the command.yaml file will contain a preset of sub-commands. Those sub-commands interact with the actions or workflows defined in the instructions.yaml file of the respective folder.

Task Description
run Run an action non-interactively
select Select an action using an interactive menu
status Check status validity of available actions

Interactive command

The select sub-command should be used when you wish to start an interactive menu selection for action or workflow.


anchor team-infra select

Non-interactive command

The run sub-command should be used when you wish to run an action or workflow directly, skipping the selection menu.


anchor team-infra run backoffice --action=install-jenkins-master


anchor team-infra run backoffice --workflow=provision-jenkins-server-agents
The run command appears on every action or workflow information panel when using an interactive selection menu.