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Contribute to the development of anchor using the documentation, build scripts and tests.

Tooling setup

  • Go lang v1.20 is required for compilation and tests
  • Node.js is optional for managing the documentation site
Docs site is using npm scripts to build the documentation and compile source files. The package.json houses these scripts which used for various docs development actions.


  • PRs need to have a clear description of the problem they are solving
  • PRs should be small
  • Code without tests is not accepted, PRs must not reduce tests coverage
  • Contributions must not add additional dependencies
  • Before creating a PR, make sure your code is well formatted, abstractions are named properly and design is simple
  • In case your contribution can’t comply with any of the above please start a GitHub issue for discussion

How to Contribute?

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a PR on the forked repository
  3. Send a pull request to the upstream repository

Development Scripts

The makefile within this repository contains numerous tasks used for project development. Run make to see all the available scripts in your terminal.

Task Description
update-externals Update external source dependents
deps Tidy, verify and vendor go dependencies
fmtcheck Validate Go code format and imports
fmt Format Go code using gofmt style and sort imports
test Run tests suite on host machine
test-containerized Run tests suite within a Docker container
test-with-coverage Run tests suite on host machine with coverage report
docs-site Run a local documentation site
docs-site-lan Run a local documentation site (LAN available)
build Build a binary for system OS/Arch
build-main-package Build main package for system OS/Arch
install Build and Install a Go binary locally
delete Delete a locally installed Go binary
github-release-create Build and publish Go binary(ies) as GitHub release
github-release-delete Prompt for a GitHub release tag to delete

Testing Locally

This repository had been developed using the TDD methodology (Test Driven Development). Tests allow you to make sure your changes work as expected, don’t break existing code and keeping code coverage high.

Running tests locally allows you to have short validation cycles instead of waiting for the PR status to complete.

How to run a test suite?

  1. Clone the anchor repository
  2. Run make tests to use the locally installed go runtime
  3. Alternatively, run make test-containerized to use the same go runtime which is supported by this repository
tparse should be installed for performing go test output analysis (instructions in here)

Documentation Scripts

The /docs-site/package.json includes numerous tasks for developing the documentation site. Run npm run to see all the available npm scripts in your terminal. Primary tasks include:

Task Description
npm run docs-build Cleans the Hugo destination directory for a fresh serve
npm run docs-serve Builds and runs the documentation locally

Local documentation

Running our documentation locally requires the use of Hugo, which gets installed via the hugo-bin npm package. Hugo is a blazingly fast and quite extensible static site generator. Here’s how to get it started:

  • Run through the tooling setup above to install all dependencies
  • Navigate to /docs-site directory and run npm install to install local dependencies listed in package.json
  • From /docs-site directory, run npm run docs-serve in the command line
  • Open http://localhost:9001/ in your browser

Learn more about using Hugo by reading its documentation.


In case you encounter problems with missing dependencies, run make align-deps.